Explanations of Media Influences on Aggression

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  • Explanations of Media Influences on Aggression
    • Cognitive Priming
      • The more accessible a thought/idea the more likely it is used to interpret social info.
      • Berkowitz said when PPL are exposed to violence this activates thoughts or ideas about violence
      • Eval: Priming less likely with less realistic media - Atkin said that realism is important. High aggr + high realism
      • A temporary increase in accessibility of thoughts + ideas.
      • Eval: Research - Bushman found that PPL who watched violent clips reacted faster to violent words.
    • Disinhibition
      • Media violence triggers physiological arousal which leads to a bigger probability of being aggr.
      • Playing VVGs may change what we believe what is acceptable behaviour.
      • Eval: -ve impacts - seeing -ve impacts of violence reduces aggr behaviours. Rocky IV Apollo Creed beaten senseless.
      • Exposure to violent media legitimises real life violence.
      • Eval: Other factors - Young children don't consider motives or impacts + family norms.
    • De-sensitisation
      • Media violence may remove the anxiety and people may become more aggr.
      • PPL who are de-sened are less likely to noticed real life violence + have less sympathy for victims.
      • Eval: Research - Carnagey found physiological changes e.g. heart rate and skin conductance lower after using VVGs
      • Under normal conditions anxiety about violence inhibits its use
      • Eval: Good + Bad - Can be adaptive for soldiers but they may become numb to violence


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