Bowlby's Theory of Attachment

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  • Bowlby's Theory of Attachment
    • Why attachment forms
      • Parents must also be attached to their infants because they will want to care for them
      • It is only the parents who look after their offspring that are likely to produce offspring
      • Attachment is important because it aids survival as the infant has someone to look after them
    • How attachment forms
      • Critical period
        • If an attachment is not formed the infant may have difficulty forming attachments later in life
        • It is 3-6 months ad it is when the attachment has to form
      • Social releasers
        • It an be things such as smiling and having a baby face
        • These social releasers are innate mechanisms that explain how attachments are formed
      • Monotropy
        • It means that infants have one special attachments
        • This is normally the infants mother but it can be the father or someone else
    • Consequence of attachment
      • The infant creates an internal working model (IWM)
      • The IWM can be used as the basis for future relationships
      • It also gives the child an insight into the care-givers behaviour


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