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      • + possible to control the environment making it  reliable  and easy to replicate .
      • + artificially controlled setting, means they are more likely to require consent so no ethical issues.
      • - behaviour seen may lack realism due to artificial settings.
      • - as participants know they are being observed they may respond with demand characteristics.
      • + natural environment means behaviour is natural  and realistic increasing ecological validity
      • + participants may not know they are being observed so no demand characteristics improving experimental validity.
      • - environment is less controlled so chance of extraneous variables.
      • - gaining consent is difficult if they are not aware of the observation - ethical issues
      • + The change or difference being investigated in the IV is not being controlled by the experimenter  due to less experimenter bias.
      • + any changes in the DV are more likely to be realistic and not artificially created.
      • - as the  experimenter has no control of the IV there can be no direct link between cause and effect - so low reliability.
      • + the IV is naturally occurring between people meaning higher realism.
      • - can only be used where a naturally occurring difference can be identified


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