Experimental methods

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  • Experimental Methods
    • lab experiment
      • controlled environment , participants aware they are taking part in the study
      • ++ can be easily replicated increases reliability, sophisticated measuring techniques, high control over variables means higher internal validity
      • -- loss of validity lacks mudane realism, demand characteristics social desirebilty bias
    • Field Experiment
      • natural environment manipulated IV ppts do not know they are taking part in the exp - watching people on the highstreet
      • ++ Improved ecological validity, reduction of demand characteristics
      • -- cannot control extraneous variables, cannot generalise
    • Quasi Experiment
      • The experimenter does not manipulate the IV cause and effect aren't claimed
      • ++ pre-exsisting variables eg gender, reliable no experimenter intervention
      • -- loss of control, cannot claim cause and effect
  • Experimental Method
    • Explanation/definition
      • Advantages
      • Disadvantages


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