Punishment in Modern Britain

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  • Examples of changes for punishment from 1900
    • Abolition of Death Penalty
      • Last used in 1964 but abolished in 1999 because:
        • Changes in ideas about aims of punishment- reforming and paying back to society deemed more important
        • Controversial cases like Derek Bentley and Ruth Ellis led people to question justness of execution
      • 1953- Derek Bentley 1955- Ruth Ellis after murdering boyfriend who had been abusing her
    • Prison
      • Use of prison as punishment continued to increase.
        • Different prisons for different criminals
        • 1907, probation began where criminals can re-intergrate
        • 1948- Hard labour abolished
        • Rise in female prisoners however only 6%
    • New punishments
      • community service
      • ASBOs
      • tagging
    • Rehabilitation
      • Prisons in 1800s emphasized on retribution and deterrence however today working on reformation and education. Have mixed success


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