Crime and Punishment | Roman Britian - Society, Law, Crime, Punishments and Law Enforcement

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  • Roman Britian
    • Roman Law
      • Roman society may seem different from modern-day Britain, but their laws are familiar
        • The parts of Britain ruled by Rome had one central system of law and law enforcement
        • Laws were written down and displayed so people knew them
        • Suspects were considered innocent until proven guilty in a fair trail in court where evidence had been presented
    • Law Enforcement
      • Roman legions were in charge of dealing with riots and disorder
      • People reported a crime to a local centurion - he would decide if it should go to court
      • Victims of crime had to take the suspect to the centurion
      • Very serious crimes were tried by the roman governor of britain
      • Smaller crimes were judged by the roman officials (called magistrates) in local courts
      • Victims of crime had to gather evidence to present to the centurion, then the court
    • Roman Society
      • Roman society was hierarchical, patriarchal and unequal
        • Hierarchical
          • The wealthy at the top and slaves at the bottom
        • Patriarchal
          • Women, children and slaves obeyed male head of family
        • Unequal
          • Poverty led to crime. The wealthy had all the power
    • Types of Crimes
      • Against property
        • Petty theft
        • selling underweight goods
        • burglary
      • Against the person
        • Street violence
        • murder
      • Against authority
        • plotting against the emperor
        • refusing to conform to the official state religion
    • Punishments
      • People were punished according to whether they were man or woman, citizen or non-citizen or slave
      • The death penalty was used often under Roman rule. Punishments include:
        • Flogging and beating
        • repaying the cost of stolen goods
        • cutting off limbs
        • being sent into exile
        • being forced to become a gladiator
        • Execution
          • crucifixion
          • being thrown to the lions


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