Evolutionary explanation of the attraction to celebrities

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  • Evolutionary explanation - Celeb attraction!
    • Attraction to creative individuals.
      • Neophilia - A love of novelty or newness or uniqueness.
        • Before tv our ancestors would amuse eachother and neophilia would have led to more creative displays from potential mates.
        • Attraction to celebs can be explained as an extension of our love of these characteristics
        • Miller (2000) - Sexual selection favours minds prone to inventing attractive and imaginative fantasies.What we witness from celebs.
      • Evaluation
        • Evidence - Neophilia in animals is an important factor in bird song.
        • Evidence - (Duck 1982) boredom with a partner is common reason for break up.
    • Celeb gossip
      • DeBacker 2005 - gossip creates bonds within social groups, it serves a similar function to social grooming.
      • Gossip also constructs and manipulates reputations, particularly to exchange info about potential mates.
      • Barkow 1992 - we regard celebs as being members of our social groups, so they trigger the same gossip mechanisms that have evolved to keep up with the affairs of in group members.
      • Evidence - DeBacker 2007 surveyed over 800 pps.
        • Pps reported that gossip was a useful way of acquiring info about social group members.


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