Evil and Suffering Part 1

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  • Evil and Suffering
    • The Problem of Suffering
      • Doubts in omnibenevolence and omnipotence.
      • Hume: "If God cannot do anything about evil and suffering, then God is impotent."
      • Mackie's Inconsistent Triad.
      • Types of evil: Natural, Moral and Moral through Moral.
    • The Book of Job (Supports Solutions)
      • It is wrong to be blasphemous or lose faith in God.
      • Job experienced much suffering, despite not having sinned. However, he accepted that suffering is part of God's plan for plenitude.
    • Dostoyevsky's Brothers Karamazov (Criticises Solutions)
      • Evil and suffering is a price too high to pay for forgiveness and peace.
      • Innocent suffering: Babies were tricked into comfort and then murdered, ****, burning of villages.
      • Ivan responds in Protest Theodicy, suffering "is not worth the tears of one tortured child."


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