Behaviourist approach research evaluation

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  • Evaluation of operant and classical conditioning
    • High control over the variables=tight control over the iv and DV can see a cause and effect relationship
      • In skinners study the variables were kept the same apart from reinforcement/punishment
    • Standardised procedure=easy to replicate
      • Pavlov study used the same procedure for all of the dogs which mean the findings were reliable
    • Objective data=it can be directly observed
      • in skinners study you can see if the rat has learnt to press the lever
    • Lack of generalisation=tested on animals so it is questionable whether we can apply the findings to humans
      • Pavlov used dogs in his experiment , humans and dogs cannot be matched on DNA
    • Lack of demand on characteristics=when using non human participants they will not work out the aim of your study
      • in skinners study altho rats are intelligent they couldn't have worked out the aim of the study


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