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  • Euthanasia
    • Singer "the killing of those who are incurably ill and in great pain or distress"
      • Voluntary Euthanasia - when a patient requests to die
      • Active Euthanasia - "A deliberate action to end the life of the patient"  (kearon 1999)
      • Passive Euthanasia - a situation where treatment is stopped and patient can die naturally.
      • Involuntary Euthanasia - Euthanasia that has not been requested by the patients, but by their families or doctors
    • Biblical Teaching
      • Genesis 1:27 states that human life is created in God's image - life is sacred,
      • Euthanasia is in direct violation of "you shall not murder"
    • Christian views
      • Catholic Church - following natural law, considers Euthanasia to be morally unacceptable
        • Direct taking of innocent life which is contrary to God's plan
        • Pope John Paul II - "Euthanasia is a grave violation of the law of God"
      • Anglican Church -  remains totally opposed to Euthanasia
      • Presbyterian Church also opposes Euthanasia regardless of the motives.
        • Hospice is a viable alternative
      • Methodist Church are also opposed to Euthanasia and treatment that would only prolong suffering
    • Secular Views
      • Personal Autonomy
        • Freedom of the individual to make the choice as to when to end their life
      • Freedom from pain
        • Those that campaign for Voluntary euthanasia believe that it is an act of mercy that ends unbearable pain.
      • A Dignified Death
        • Some argue that they will have such a poor quality of life that it is no longer worth living
      • Utilitarian Views
        • when applying the Hedonic Calculus, euthanasia can be morally justified


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