Ethnicity, beleif and participation

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  • Ethnicity, belief and particiaption
    • Knott
      • Asian women came to Britain they felt isolated, they had to build there own mosques and temples.
      • Young Asian women experience difficulties with how they want to dress , they know they can dress in western clothes and still follow Islam.
    • Racism
      • Religion positively reinforces their ethnic identity, Young males Islam gives them a degree of status.
      • Religion has the same amount of control that their faith has over there everyday lives.
    • Modood
      • Many second generation Muslims are not as religious(alcohol), because they have been socialised into the wide culture.
    • Religious Pluralism
      • As we have a multi faith society do we have religious pluralism
        • Johal
          • We are far from it, majority of the population identify themselves as Christian, Church of England is still regarded as the main organisation.
            • All other groups are seen as subordinate minority organisations.


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