Erosion, transportation and deposition

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  • Erosion, Transportation and Deposition
    • Erosion
      • Hydraulic action this is the force at which the cliff  or river channel and breaks away particles of rock.
      • Corrasion this is eroded rocks picked up by the water scrape against cliffs and river channel wearing it away
      • Attrition this is where the eroded rocks picked up by the river smash into each other and making them break into small pieces. edges get rounded off.
      • Corrosion this is where the rain water dissolves some types of rock
    • Transportation
      • Traction this is large particles like boulders are pushed along by the force of the river
      • Saltation this is pebble sized particles getting bounced along the river bed by the force of the water
      • Suspension this is when the small particles like silt and clay are carried along by the river
      • Solution these are soluble material that are dissolved in the water and get carried along
    • Deposition is when the river drops eroded material , this happens when the river slows down.
      • also happens when the volume of the water in the river falls
      • the amount of eroded material in the water increases
      • the water is shallower for example on the inside of a bend
      • the river reaches the mouth


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