An Inspector Calls - Eric Birling

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  • Eric Birling
    • ACT 3
      • "the girl's dead and we all helped to kill her"
        • Eric is the first one to point out on their past behaviour.
        • "we all helped" indicates that Eric has understood what the Inspector was teaching - through selfish behaviour all of them had helped to kill her.
      • "you lot may be letting yourselves out nicely, but I can't."
        • "I can't" reveals that Eric is now incapable of washing this away. He has changed permanently - as a person and his view on the world.
        • He will be more responsible with the consequences of his actions.
    • ACT 1
      • "Yes please [takes decanter and starts helping himself]"
        • Eric is presented as an irresponsible drinker, with an eagerness to his reply hinting his need for alcohol.
        • He takes the decanter instead of just a glass supporting his excessive drinking,
      • "He could have kept her on instead of throwing her out"
        • Eric sides with Eva, against everyone else from the start. It sounds like he sympathises with her and against the way she is treated.
    • ACT 2
      • Sheila: "drinking too much for the last two years"
        • "too much" indicates Eric has not been able to handle his own drinking.
        • "two years" indicates neglect that he is receiving from his parents.
      • Mr and Mrs Birling exchange bewildered and rather frightened glances.
        • "bewildered" and "frightened" shows how they are both shocked that Eric could get into trouble - hinting that they have been ignoring Eric.


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