Environmental impacts of industry

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  • environmental impacts of industry
    • impacts on physical environment
      • manufacturing plants can look dull
      • industrial processes and waste can cause air, soil and water pollution
      • transport of raw material and manufacturing increases air pollution
    • how can industrial development be more sustainable?
      • care in design reduces visual impact
      • technology to reduce harmful emissions
      • desulphurisation can remove harmful gases
      • heavy fines when pollution incidents occur
    • impacts of quarrying
      • destroy natural habitats
      • pollute water courses
      • scar landscapes
    • making quarrying more sustainable
      • strict controls
      • recycling
      • companies expected to restore or improve a quarry after use
    • Torr Quarry, Somerset
      • limestone quarry in Mendip Hills
      • contributes over £15 million annually to local economy
      • quarry is being restored to create wildlife lakes
      • landscaping
      • regular monitoring of noise, vibration, dust and water quality
      • rail transport of quarried rock


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