English End of Year Test: Common Symbols and Allusion.

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  • English End of Year Test: Common Symbols and Allusion
    • Snakes
      • A biblical allusion to the snakes in the garden of Eden.  A symbol of deception/evil.  It can also be a symbol of infinity (a snake with its tail in its mouth) or rebirth.
    • An Odessy
      • Allusion to the adventures of Odysseus.  A significantly long journey.
        • Correction:  Allusion to the epic adventures of Odysseus, referring to something as an odyssey suggests that it is a significant journey.
    • Eden
      • Allusion to the Garden of Eden.  A symbol of paradise (but also a symbol of the end of innocence).
    • An Achilles Heel
      • Allusion to the myth of Achilles.  If you describe something as your Achilles Heel, it is your main weakness.
    • A Herculean Effort/Task
      • Allusion to the myth of Hercules.  If something is Herculean then it requires a great amount of strength and is very difficult.
    • Pandora's Box
      • If something is a Pandora's Box, then it creates lots of unforeseen problems.
    • A Narcissist
      • Allusion to the myth of Narcissus. Describing someone as a narcissist suggests that they have excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.


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