Biology:Energy in Biomass

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  • Energy of Biomass
    • Pyramids of biomass
      • Biomass is thr mass of living materials in plants and animals
      • Radiation from the sun is the main source of energy for living organisms
      • Green plants and algae capture light energy during photosynthesis
      • The biomass at each stage in a food chain is less than at the previous stage.
      • Green plants transfer solar energy to chemical energy which is then passed through the food chain
    • Energy Transfer
      • There is less biomass and energy available at each stage in a food chain
      • Materials are used at each stage and energy may be transferred to the surroundings
      • Much of the energy is released in resporation
    • Decay Processes
      • living organisms remove materials from the enviroment which are returned when the organism dies.
      • Microorganisms decay waste and dead plants and animals
      • Devay is quicker in warm, moise aerobic conditions
      • Processes which use materials must be balanced by those which release them
      • Detritus Feeders ( such as some type of worm) may start the process of decay by eating dead animals or plants and produce waste materials
      • humans recycle waste in sewage treatment plants and compost heaps
    • The Carbon Cycle
      • The constant cycle of carbon in nature.
      • During photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere
    • Recycling organic waste
      • Recycling organic Kitchen or Garden waste is neccessary to : Recduce landfill, reduce methane production, recycle materials and nutrients in the wate


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