Energy Loss in waste

Here is a quick summary of how energy is lost in waste products. I hope you find it useful and please don't forget to rate and comment. Thanks!

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  • Energy Loss in Waste
    • The biomass that an animal eats is a source of energy, but not all the energy can be used.
      • Herbivores cannot digest all of the plant material they eat. The material they can't digest is passed out of the body in the faeces
      • The meat that carnivores eat is easier to digest than plants. This means that carnivores need to eat less often and produce less waste. However as with herbivores, most carnivores cannot digest all their prey. Therefore some of the biomass they eat is lost in their faeces.
      • When an animal eats more protein than it needs, the excess is broken down. It gets passed out as urea in the urine. This is another way in which biomass and energy are transferred from the body to the surroundings.


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