Energy and Biomass

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  • Energy and Biomass
    • All living organism are interdependent which means they depend on each other in order to survive and reproduce.
    • Energy from the Sun is the source of energy for nearly all living organisms on the Earth.
      • Plants convert a percentage of the light energy into glucose.
        • The rabbit then eats the plants and uses up energy from the plant whereas the rest of it is stored in its body.
          • The fox eats the rabbit and gets some energy stored in its body.
    • Energy is used up at each stage in the food chain to stay alive i.e. respiration.  A lot of energy is lost to the surroundings as heat. Material and energy are also lost from the food chain in droppings.
      • You hardly ever get food chains with more than 4 or 5 trophic levels because so much energy is lost at each stage that there is not enough to support more organisms.
    • Biomass is the weight of the creatures at each level of a food chain if you were to put them together.
      • This biomass is a store of energy so a pyramid of biomass shows how much energy there is at each stage in the food chain.
  • The fox eats the rabbit and gets some energy stored in its body.


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