P2 Energy transfer by heating...

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  • Energy transfer by heating...
    • Energy transfer by conduction
      • Metals are the best conductors of energy
      • Non-metal materials such as wool are fiberglass and are the best insulators.
      • The higher the thermal conductivity of a material, the higher the rate of energy transfer through it
      • The thicker a layer of insulating material, the lower the rate of energy transfer through it.
    • Infrared radiation
      • All objects emit and absorb infarared radiation.
      • The hotter an object is, the more infrared radiation it emits in a given time.
      • Blackbody radiation is radiation emitted by a body that absorbs all the radiation incident on it
    • Specific heat capacity
      • Physics- Third Edition Page 32 Key Points
    • Heating and insulating buildings
      • Electric and/or gas heaters and gas or oil-fired central heating or solid-fuel stoves are used to heat houses.
      • The rate of energy transfer from houses can be reduced using:
        • - Loft insulation
          • - Cavity wall insulation
            • - Double-glazed windows
              • - Aluminium foil behind radiators
                • - External walls with thicker bricks and lower thermal conductivity
      • Cavity wall insulation is insulation material that is used to fill the cavity between the two brick layers of an external house wall


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