Energy and work unit physics pg.121

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  • Energy and work
    • force(F) and displacement (s)
      • Force and displacement are vectors this means they have direction as well as size
      • Work done = force x distance moved in the same direction w=f^s
        • w=F^s
    • pressure(P) and volume(V)
      • A liquid or gas exerts pressure in all directions
        • when it changes volume by flowing or expanding it does work by pushing against its surroundings
      • work done = pressure x volume change
        • W = p^V
      • pressure is measured in pascal(Pa)
      • volume is in cubic meters (m3)
        • 1m3=1000 litres, 10^6cm3, 10^9mm3
    • power
      • power is the rate of using energy or doing work
        • the unite for energy is joule (J) the unite for power is watt (W) = J/s
          • kilowatt(kW)= 1000watts megawatt(MW)=10^6watts gigawatt(GW)=10^9watts
    • other forms of energy
      • chemical energy( chemical bonding) nuclear energy(nuclear reactions) electrical energy thermal energy


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