'Enduring Love' - Chapter 22

Mind map for some key issues in chapter 22, AQA, English Literature, 'Enduring Love'

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  • 'Enduring Love' - Chapter 22
    • Binary Oppoisites - Rationality / Irrationality
    • Vivid and graphical imagery - "the bullet was barely visible, sunk two inches into the smooth bark"
    • Binary Opposites - Human morality and human immorality (the gun reflect immorality) Joe struggles to see what is moral and what isnt, this is evident in chapter 20 where he tries to persuade himself about drinking etc.
    • "We were no longer in a great chain. It was our own complexity that had expelled us from the Garden" - this could suggest to the reader, that Joe i reffering to the garden of Adam and Eve, and that perhaps he suggests thaty we are all responsible for our own mistakes.
      • Religion - Parry's influence on Joe.
    • The narrative appears to be obsessive with the indication of signs and codes etc. This is evident in chapter 2, "she closed her eyes for half a second, which I took to mean it was bad, he was bad, watch out"
      • The use of sign is a reflection of Parry's influence on Joe, especially through symbols and motifs (i.e the curtain and the window etc
  • Binary Oppoisites - Rationality / Irrationality
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