Organic Reactions - Redox Reactions

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  • Redox Reactions
    • Redox Reactions
      • Oxidising agents - acidified sodium dichromate, acidified  potassium permanganate
      • Primary Alcohol -  Aldehyde - Carboxylic Acid
      • Secondary Alcohols oxidised to Ketones
    • Prepare Ethanal and examine its properties
      • Ethanol to Ethanal using sodium dichromate
      • Colour change from orange (Cr+6) to green (Cr+3)
      • Ethanal collected over ice
      • Tests
        • Reaction with Fehling's Reagent (Cu+2 [Blue] to Cu+[Red])
        • Ammoniacal Silver Nitrate (Ag+ to Ag[Silver Deposit])
        • Acidified Potassium Permanganate
    • Prepare Ethanoic Acid and examine its properties
      • Make note of the differences between the set up of both experiments
  • Elimination Reactions
    • Ethanol minus Water = Ethene
      • Is one in which a small molecule is removed from a larger molecule to leave a double bond in the larger molecule


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