Elements and Atomic Structure

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  • Elements and Atomic Structure
    • Element facts
      • Elements cannot be broken into anything simpler my chemical means
      • Elements are the basic building blocks of matter
      • Each element has its own symbol
      • Elements are made up of atoms, and all the atoms of an element are of the same type
    • Atomic Structure
      • Each atom contains a small, positively charged central region called the nucleus
      • The nucleus is made up of two types of particle - protons and neutrons
      • Protons have a positive charge and neutrons have no charge
      • Light, negatively charged electrons orbit around the nucleus
      • Every atom of a particular element has the same number of protons. The number of protons is known as the atomic number, and every element has a different atomic number
      • The mass of an atom of an element is called its relative atomic mass
      • The nucleus contains nearly all the mass of the atom


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