Elements of study that make something scientific

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  • Elements of a study that makes it Scientific
    • Reductionism:it is hard to study complex areas in a measurable way, so small parts of the area are studies
    • Paradigm: Scientific study works within overall theories or paradigms because hypotheses are derived from accepted theory.
    • Hypothesis testing: a statement of what is made to test it against reality
    • Objectivity: Subjectivity is a bias and science must avoid bias
    • Quantitative data: quantitative data are often about individuals and are hard to generalise from.
    • Cause and Effect: if only the IV varies and the DV's change is measured, and all else stays the same, then the IV change is said to cause the DV
    • Controls: only the variables in the hypothesis (IV and DV) can vary; all other variables have to be controlled.


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