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  • Electricity
    • Current
      • Measured in amps
        • an ammeter is connected in series
      • series circuit
        • Current is the same at all points in a circuit
      • parralel circuit
        • the current from the source is larger than the current in each branch
        • the current from the source is the sum of the current in the seperate branches
      • current is related to the flow of charge
    • Voltage
      • the potential difference across a component is measured in volts
      • a voltmeter connects in parallel
      • the sum of voltage across the components in a series circuit is equal to the total voltage across the supply
    • Resistance
      • R = V/I
      • for a fixed resistance, increasing the resistance of a component will decrease the current in it
      • the resistance of 2 resistors in parallel is less than that of either resistor by itself
      • the longer the wire, the higher the resistance
      • the fatter the wire, the lower the resistance
      • measured in Ohms


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