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  • Electricity and magnatism
    • series circuits
      • several components one after another
        • you can pass through all the different components without any branches
          • However, if one thing breaks in a series circuit everything else stops working
      • everything in a series circuit is using 1 source of power only.
    • parallel circuits
      • in parallel circuits different components are connected on different branches of a wire
        • you can only pass through all the different components if you follow all the branches
          • if something breaks all the components on different branches continue to work
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    • currents and measurements
      • current is a measure of how much electirc charge flows through a circuit
        • the more that flows the bigger the current
        • current is measured in amps
          • the symbol is A
          • measured using an ammeter
    • voltage
      • voltage measures the difference in electirical energy
        • between 2 parts of a circuit
      • measured in volts
        • the symbol for volts is V
    • switches and there application
      • is a divise used to interrupt the flow of electrons
        • Binary divices
          • Mainly they are very simple
    • Diodes
      • a discrete component that allows current to flow in one direction only
        • polarised component
          • has 2 leads
            • called the cathode and the anode
              • the cathode is marked with a silver or coloured band
                • there are some with sensors
              • if the anode is connected to a higher boltage than the cathode current will flow from anode to cathode.
                • this is called forward bias
      • use of diodes
        • used to prevent damage
          • to other polarised components


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