Electric fields 22.1

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  • Electric Fields 22.1
    • Electric field strength
      • The force experienced per unit positive charge at that point
      • E=F/Q, where F is the force experienced by the positive charge Q. The SI unit is N/C and electric field strength is a vector quantity
    • Field patterns
      • Mapped using lines of force
      • The direction of a field at a point shows the direction of the force experienced by a small positive charge at that point
      • The field strength is indicated by the separation between the field lines
      • Key points
        • A uniform electric field has equally spaced field lines. the electric field between 2 oppositely charged parallel plates is uniform
        • Electric field lines are always perpendicular to the surface of a conductor
        • A radial field has straight field lines that converge to a point at the centre of the charged object. The filed strength decreases with an increase in distance from the object
        • A uniformly charged sphere can be modelled as a point charge at its centre


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