What, if there were any, the achievements of the post-Stalin thaw?

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There were positive achievements. An armistice was signed in 1953 so that the Korean war came to an end. Furthermore, the Geneva Spirit was rife in 1954, with the Geneva Conference. Dulles endorsement however was given reluctantly, because signing the agreement would mean accepting communism in North Vietnam. In 1955, the U S S R agreed to unify Austria after it had been divided into zones after world war 2. The Geneva Summit of 1955 was significant, because it marked the last ten years since all superpowers met. It was attended by Eisenhower, Khrushchev, and Eden. But West Germany had been entered into NATO that same year, which then delayed the idea of unifying Germany. Suprisingly, Khrushchev suggested that NATO and the Warsaw Pact should be dismantled, and collective security should take its place. The West refused. The only agreement to come out of Geneva Summit was a cultural exchange of scientists, musicians, and artists. Khrushchev however visited the U S A in 1959, which was a huge landmark.

However, there were clues that the Thaw…


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