Effects of meeting PIES needs

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  • Effects of meeting PIES needs
    • Physical
      • Reduces chance of illness
      • Healthy body systems
      • Healthy weight maintenance
      • Higher energy levels
      • Improved fitness
    • Interllectual
      • Greater levels of happiness
      • Improved mood
      • Improved self-confidence
      • Improved self-esteem
      • Positive self-image
      • Developing and maintaining close intimate relationships
      • Increased emotional resilience
      • Improved motivational levels
      • Reduced stress
      • Good mental health
    • Emotional
      • Improved concentration
      • The ability to learn
      • Clearer thinking
    • Social
      • Improved quality of social life
      • Closer friendship
      • Extended patterns of social relationships




there is a mistake, emotional effects and intellectual effects are mixed 



emotional and intellectual arent correct and intellectual is spelt wrong

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