effects of alchol

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  • Effects of alcohol on the body
    • Short term effects of alcohol
      • Mind
        • Alcohol is a depressant. Drink too much and your brain will struggle processing information. This means you may have trouble with
          • judgement and self-control
          • vision and hearing
          • talking and walking
          • remembering things
          • anxiety and low mood or depression
        • It can also cause hallucinosis
      • Body
        • Liver
          • Your liver has many functions and one of them is to filter and clean your blood. It takes about one hour for your liver to clear a unit of alcohol from your bloodstream – this is the most your liver can handle at one time
          • You can get hepatitis
        • stomach
          • Alcohol irritates your stomach it increases the amount of acid your stomach produces. The acid can cause inflammation of your stomach lining. which makes you likely to have indigestion
            • If you have indigestion, you may have heartburn, feel or be sick, have a stomach ache and burp
        • heart
          • Alcohol makes your heart beat faster, which affects how well your heart pumps blood around your body
          • Alcohol can also cause your blood pressure to drop, which may make you feel faint
          • Drinking a lot of alcohol and binge drinking can cause changes in your blood pressure and increase your risk of a heart attack
        • kidneys and bladder
          • Alcohol makes you produce more urine. If you drink too much, your body will try to get rid of the alcohol, mixed with water, in your urine. Not only will you need to make repeat trips to the toilet, but if you don’t top up with water or soft drinks, it will leave you feeling thirsty and dehydrated.
    • Long term effects of alchol
      • Body
      • Mind
        • Drinking heavily over a long time can severely affect your mental health
          • It can cause depression, anxiety risk-taking behaviour and suicide.
        • You can also become addicted to alchol
    • Hangover
      • Hangovers are caused by the toxins of too much alcohol
      • you have to suffer through
        • a pounding head
        • Feeling sick
        • Feeling thristy
        • sensitivity to bright lights and loud noises
        • red eyes and a dry, bloated and puffy face
        • indigestion and mild diarrhoea
        • tiredness and weakness


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