Effects of Mutations

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  • Effects of Mutations
    • Neutral effects
      • The mutation is in a non coding part of the DNA
      • It is a silent mutation
      • The mutation does cause a change but has no particular advantage or disadvantage of the change
        • Ability to smell honeysuckle
        • Ability to roll your tongue
    • Harmful or Beneficial effect
      • The presence of the pigment melanin to protect against the harmful rays of UV
      • Paler skin mutation = suitable for less intense sunlight as still able to produce plenty of Vit D
      • Darker skin mutation = have more melanin so best suited to areas of high sunlight intensity
    • Epigenetic reprogram
      • Some genes code for RNA that may switch other genes on or off
      • Some genes get turned on or off by the addition of methyl groups
      • Stem cells are undifferentiated = become specialised as they are epigeneticallyreprogrammed


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