Representations of Ethnicity

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  • Representation of Ethnicity
      • Beattie et al (1999)
        • Study of TV presenters
          • Black and Asians are more likely to appear in supporting roles
        • In advertising
          • Black people less likely to be shown is professional roles
            • Data from Clearcast 2010
              • Black, Asian or other ethnic minorities made up just 5.3%
                • That appeared in adverts
      • Cumberbatch et al (2014)
        • Content analysis of popular TV programs in 2013-14
          • Just over 1 in 7 roles were of ethnic minority
          • Black African Caribbeans were over-represented
          • South Asian under-represented
          • Ethnic minorities more prevalent within certain types of programmes, particularly entertainment
      • Malik (2002)
        • African Caribbeans more likely to be found on programmes dealing with
          • Social Issues
          • Entertainment
          • Music
          • Comedy
        • Less likely to be in roles such as experts, political commentators or roles in big budget films
      • Hargrave (2002)
        • Pakistanis, Bangladeshi and Indian South Asian groups
          • Media groups them together
          • Negative stereaotyping
      • Neo-Marxist
        • GMG
          • Representations of minority are filtered through the gaze of predominantly white middle-class dominated media establishment
      • Hargrave (2002)
        • Black people 2x likely to be presented as criminals
    • Stereotypes
      • Cottle (2002)
        • Van Dijk (1991)
          • Alvaradp et al (1987)
            • Halls (2003)
              • Black and Asain
                • Scapegoats
                • A social problem
    • Islamaphobia
      • An irrational fear/hatred of Muslims and Islam
      • Goffman (1990)
        • Stigmatised Identity
          • An identity that is undesirable and exudes people from full acceptance into society
      • Philips (2007)
        • The word Muslim is conjuring up pictures of terrorism due to their portrayal in the media
      • Hargreaves
        • Muslims are concerned ad negative media representations cause moral panics which lead to harassment
    • Changing stereotypes
      • There are more Black and Asian figures appearing in media
      • More programmes, Websites, radio stations e.t.c that target Black and Asian audiences
        • This is due to younger ethnic people adopting to the new media faster
      • Abercrombie (1996)
        • Soaps like Eastenders have Black and Asian actors appearing as ordinary characters rather than having roles focuses solely on their ethnicity
          • This leads to a growing acceptance in the media of ethnic minorities as a normal mainstream part of British society


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