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  • EEC
    • Macmillans Application 1961
      • Pro European Integration
        • They were doing more of their trade with the EEC rather than EFTA
          • Winds of Change Speech 1960 showed that trading with the commonwealth was slowing up.
            • Countries within the EEC's economic status was growing.
      • Application
        • Unwilling to sevre all ties with the commonwealth
        • Unwilling to accept some of the terms
        • De Gualle worried by US influence
      • Application Refused
        • De Gaulle wanted france to lead Europe and if Britain came in they would try and take control
        • Wanted the EEC to be free from US influence
    • Wilsons Application 1967
      • Britains economy was slowing.
        • The commonwealth was of little use to Britain
        • Britain was suffereing very bad economically. EFTA failed
          • Value of sterling declined
      • Application
        • Wilson met with serval members of EEC and managed to get them on side.
        • He was going to accept the terms
      • Application Refusal
        • Britain only wanted to join becaus they were suffering economically
        • The allowing of Britain into the EEC could change it into a more free trade area
    • Heaths Application 1973
      • Application
        • Pro European wnated European Integration
        • Willing to accept the term of the treaty
      • Application Accepted
        • De Gualle passed away/


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