Edward IV- Causes of Kett's Rebellion

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  • Causes of Kett's Rebellion
    • Social
      • population rose from 2,3 mil to 3 mil from 1525 to 1551 meaning more jobs were needed and living standards were impacted
      • Engrossing- amalgamating 2 or more farms together to maximise grazing space, former occupants had to leave
      • Common land- land used by inhabitants of village for personal grazing, landlords took for sheep farming
      • Rack-renting- when rents were raised purposely to evict tenants and use it for grazing
      • Attack on poor- 1547 Vagrancy Act- any able person out of work for 3 days could be branded and sold into slavery, child would become apprentice
      • gentry landowners didn't let commissioners investigate, commoners felt Somerset was on their side
    • Economic
      • Enclosure- when strips of land were united to allow for more room for grazing
      • Loss of common grazing land- land provided manure for village crops which became harder to grow
      • Grain price increases especially after bad harvests of 1545-9
      • Inflation- landowners wanted more money, so they used sheep farming which needed less men
      • Debasement of the coinage- metals mixed with coin, reduced worth, hard to trade with foreigner
      • Instability in cloth market Antwerp- decrease in demand for cloth would lead to unemployment in East Anglia
    • Religion
      • impact of dissolution meant the poorest still had no aid which was once provided
      • Commonwealth men- believed it was duty of wealthy to look after poor for Christian society (Somerset, Crowely,Hales
    • Political
      • Enclosure- gov blamed this for econ problems, Somerset appointed Hales to investigate, was called the "Good Duke"


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