Rebellions under Edward VI

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  • Rebellions under Edward VI
    • Western (Prayer Book) Rebellion 1549
      • Route Cause: Religious change - the introduction of the First Book of Common Prayer 1549; many rebels wanted to reverse all reforms.
      • Other Causes: resentment over the gentry gaining monastic land; inflation; enclosure; Sheep Tax 1549.
      • Threat?
        • Somerset underestimated the seriousness of the rebellion.
        • Gov. troops were stationed in the north to defend against Scotland and along the coast in case of a French Invasion.
        • Coincided with the Kett Rebellion.
      • Lord Russell led the Royal forces and defeated the rebels at Clyst Hill near Exeter - he relied on foreign mercenaries to do so.
    • Kett Rebellion 1549
      • Causes: bad harvests; inflation; resentment of local landowners; enclosure; pluralism and inadequate clergy (wanted reformist clergymen).
      • Threat?
        • Didn't march to London; set up camps with the largest being near Norwich.
        • 15,000 men.
        • Somerset sent the Earl of Northampton to recapture Norwich once the rebels captured it yet he failed in a humiliating defeat.
        • Earl of Warwick (John Dudley) set out to meet the rebels and defeated them.
        • Resulted in 4,000 dead and no changes to Government or enclosure.
      • Revealed a huge weakness in Government and gave Somerset's critics an opportunity to strike (leading him to be replaced by the Duke of Northumberland).
      • Robert Kett (landowner) was attacked and agreed to end enclosure on his property.


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