Education and Ethnicity

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  • Education and ethnicity
    • Highest achieving groups
      • Chinese and Indian Asian
      • More likely to achieve 5+ A*-C GCSE
      • More likely to stay in higher education
    • Lowest achieving groups
      • Black Caribbean, Pakistani
        • Below average reading skills
        • BC more likely to be permanently excluded
          • over represented in lower streams
    • Social class and material factors
      • minority groups more likely to live in low income houses
        • more likely to live in poorest areas with social problems
        • poor housing, overcrowding, unemployment and material disadvantage
      • material deprivation
      • lack of cultural capital - bourdieu
      • teacher expectations/labelling and SFP
      • cultural deprivation
        • Language differences
          • Bernstein- elaborated/restriced code
      • Gilborn + Mirza- point out the influence of ethnic inequality overrides social class differences
    • Language
      • heavy accent = unconsciously penalised in the classroom
    • Family life and parental support
      • Asians- tight knit family with greater support and higher aspirations for their children
      • Black caribbean- LPF - financial concern
      • MC parents- tutoring, understand school systems
    • Racism
      • Minority ethnic groups are bullied - low self esteem
      • subcultural responses
        • Sewell- black anti-school subculture - black macho masculinity
      • negative stereotypes - SFP
        • SNP
          • Mac and Ghaill
    • Ethnocentric school curriculum/ organisation of teaching
      • Bourdieu-schools are middle class environments full of teachers with middle class values
      • Banding and Streaming disadvantages the WC and some minority groups – Ball  found that following comprehensivisation WC children more likely to be put into lower sets


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