Ethnicity and educational achievement

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  • Ethnicity and educational achievement
    • Material factors affecting underachivement
      • Lina Platt
        • Highest rates of pay for male full-time employees in the UK were for Chinese ethnic groups
      • Tariq Modood
        • Many ethnic-minority parents have more culture capital than is typical for their income or class position
    • Cultural factors, ethnicity and achievement
      • Archer and Francis
        • Parents of Chinese pupils placed an exceptionally high value on education
      • Tehmina Basit
        • Cultural factors had an impact on educational achievement in British Asian communities
      • Connor et al
        • Among Year 13 students positive attitudes to education were strongest among Black African students planning to go on to higher education
    • Labelling, racism and pupil responses
      • David Gillborn
        • Schools are institutionally racist as teachers interpret policy in a way that disadvantages  Black pupils
        • Racism affects some ethnic minorities more than others
    • Labelling, stereotyping and subcultures
      • Gillborn
        • African Caribbean pupils   are ore likely to be given detentions than other pupils
      • Jasper
        • The expectation that White female teachers have of Black boys' behaviour dictate the form and style of the teaching that they offer
      • O'Donnell
        • The various ethnic subcultures have distinctive reactions to racism, prejudice and discrimination, which may have different effects on educational performance


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