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  • Ecosystems
    • A physical environment with a particular set of conditions plus all the organisms that live in it
    • Natural ecosystems
      • Have a high biodiversity
      • Many different species of plants and animals coexist in the same environment
    • Artificial ecosystems
      • E.g. Greenhouses
      • Designed and maintained for a particular purpose so they have a lower biodiversity
    • Weedkillers, fertilisers and pesitcides
      • Can be used in artificial ecosystems to prevent other animals and plants from growing alongside the crop
      • Leads to low biodiversity
    • Forestry Plantations
      • Very carefully set up, controlled and monitored.
      • Have less biodiversity because they haven't been established as long as natural woodland
      • Fewer species are introduced at the setting up stage and not all species survive from the start
    • Fish Farms
      • Show less biodiversity as they have existed for a shorter amount of time compared to lakes
      • In the absence of predators some fish will thrive and some won't
      • There are fewer diseases which can result in too many of a certain species reducing others


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