Ecosystems and energy transfer

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  • ecosystems and energy transfer
    • key words
      • productivity: the rate at which energy passes through each trophic level in a food chain.
      • gorss primary productivity: rate at which plants convert light energy to chemical energy
      • ecosystem: is any group of living and non-living things occuring together and the interrelationships between them
      • habitat: place where and organsim lives
      • population: all the organisms of one species that live in the same place at the same time and can breed together
      • community: is all the populations of different species that live in the same place and can interract with each other
      • niche: the role each species has in an ecosystem
    • food chains and webs
      • ecosystems are dynamic as they are affected by biotic and abiotic factors
      • a food chain shows the nergy transfer from one living organism to another
      • arrows in food chains show the transfer of energy
      • food webs are the interraction of food chains
    • energy transfer
      • in each tropic level energy is lost. energy is released in respiration, and energy remains stored in dead animals
      • a pyramid of number represents the idea that there is less energy up the food chain which means less can be kept alive
        • Eg 100 blades of grass, 50 rabbits, 25 foxes
      • a pyramid of biomass can be represented by dry mass.
        • organisms are baked at 80degrees and dry mass are weighed
          • but some organisms release different energy per limit mass
      • pyramid of energy: burning organisma nd usin calirometre
        • work out heat released per gram


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