Energy & Ecosystems

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  • Energy Transfer & Ecosystems
    • Gross Primary Productivity
      • The rate at which plants convert light energy into chemical energy
      • Energy is lost when the plant transpires so less is available to the primary consumer
      • Remaining energy is Net Primary Priduction
        • NPP = GPP - R
    • Ecology Calculations
      • Photo-synthetic efficiency
        • the quantity of energy incorporated into product divided by the quantity of energy falling onto the plant
      • GPP = NPP + R
      • Efficiency of Energy Transfer
        • The rate at which energy passes into an animal at each trophic level
    • Energy Flow through Consumers
      • Only part of the NPP is transferred to primary consumers
      • Efficiency of energy can be calculated by dividing the energy available after transfer by the energy available before the transfer and multiply by 100
    • Community & Succession
      • The change in structure and species composition of a community over time
      • Any change in a community of organisms can cause a change in their habitat
      • Any change in a habitat can also cause a change in the make-up of a community


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