FRENCH REVOLUTION economic reforms

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  • Economic reforms
    • Deputies in the Constituent Assembly believed in laissez-faire so they introduced free trade in grain August 1789
    • October 1790 internal tariffs were abolished, national market created for the first time
    • Aimed to open up a range of crafts and occupations to more people
      • Guilds were abolished in 1791 as they had restricted the entry of people
    • June 1791, a coalition of 80,000 Parisian workers was threatening a gneral strike- Assembly passed Le Chapelier law
      • Banned trade unions, collective bargaining and picketing
        • Success as bans on trade unions were only lifted in 1884
    • Relief for the poor- duty of the State
      • 1791 concluded, two million people could support themselves by begging
        • FAILURE Committee did not have enough money, no action was taken


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