Economic geography

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  • Economic Geography
    • The Brandt line is a that separates LICS and HICS on the globe
    • Job sectors
      • Primary= First stage of something, low income (farmer)
      • Secondary= Making a product (factory worker)
      • Tertiary= Services (teacher)
      • Quaternary= Recreating /changing (scientist)
    • Tourism
      • A tourist is a person who travels to another place and stays there for at least one night.
      • Why have sustainable tourism?
        • Less people would go to unprotected places around the world so they wouldn't get damaged and animals and plants can be safer.
      • The alps
        • 5 jobs in the alps!
          • Cafe waiter, Ski instructor, Hot air balloon worker, ski lift operator, hotel manager.
        • Positive effects from ski resorts
          • Better paid jobs, money comes into the area
        • Negative effects from ski resorts
          • Wildlife frightened away, danger from falling rocks
      • Kenya
        • Why kenya?
          • Fancy hotels, Beaches, Windsurfing, Wildlife, Mountains, Safari, Hot air balloons


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