Eat Me

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  • Eat Me
    • Stanza 1 - 2
      • the word 'hit' has negative connotations which juxtapose the idea of celebration through 'cake' and 'icing'
      • 'home-made' suggests care was put into the cake
      • the icing is pink and white - gender roles of purity and feminity being forced on her
      • the use of the full stop in the middle of line 'they said eat me. And I ate, did.' - shows forced to eat
        • imperitive makes more forceful
      • use of k, t, and d at the end of lines makes it appear harsh and forceful
      • loss of pronoun on 'didn't even taste it' - loss of identity and loss of control over self
        • calls it 'it' - so disgusted
    • Stanza 3 - 4
      • there are predatory sexual undertones
        • 'watch me' - as if her weight is a fetish for him
        • constant focus on her weight throughout the poem - 'broad belly' - 'juggernaut'
          • voyeuristic nature, focus on the way she moves - 'judder' and 'wobble' - emphasises her weight
      • the alliteration of 'bigger the better, he'd say, I like' - shows harsh controlling nature
        • 'he'd say' is isolated by the commas reflecting the control he has over her life
      • 'big girls, soft girls' - repetition of 'girls' represents their power dynamic and how he puts her a child's role
        • focus on weight 'big' - 'soft'
      • 'burrow inside' - sexual connotations
      • constant use of 'I' - 'I can' - 'I like' - she has no control
      • 'masses' 'multiple' - weight focused on even more - growing as poem goes on
    • Stanza 5 - 6
      • 'I was his jacuzzi' - shows 'his' ownership of her - she is his pleasure
      • 'swell like forbidden fruit' - bible
      • 'watch me' idea of the male gaze - sexualising her
      • she is held captive by him a 'beached whale' - he is her provider 'my cook'
      • 'tidal wave of flesh' - 'juggernaut' - powerful due to her size, her only power - foreshadowing - she doesn't release her power
      • there is a lack of direct speech from her only reporting his views - power dynamic
    • Stanza 7 - 8
      • uses anaphora of 'too' to emphasise her growth in weight
      • the fat overpowers her - shows how he overpowers her - prevents her from being able to be herself
      • emotive as it shows her as a person, 'emotional shield'
      • 'I allowed him to stroke my cheek' - power dynamic has shifted, he now is subject to her
      • 'his flesh, my flesh flowed' suggest they are one - he made her like this so his flesh too
        • her as force of water 'flow' 'jacuzzi' 'whale' - powerful, under estimated power
      • 'open wide, poured olive oil down my throat' - guttural, childlike with the 'open-wide' - as if paying him back by suffocating him as he has poured down her throat
    • Stanza 9 - 10
      • questions the reader - 'and how could I not' - putting them her shoes to make them empathise
      • 'I rolled and he drowned...I drowned his dying sentence out'
        • use of her as water throughout to show drowning in flesh - foreshadow
        • plosive d shows she is powerful
        • 'I rolled' pronouns - she is in control
      • 'his mouth slightly open' - mirrors food on a platter
        • 'bulging with greed' - irony she ate but he was the greedy one
      • ambigious last sentence - cannibalism - dark humour as shows he loved her fate and would now become it
      • structure is complete full sentences showing her life of oppression is over and is now free to live
    • title
      • the font mirrors font used in Alice in Wonderland
      • normally in capital letters to reflect the womans constant growth
      • the word 'me' encourages eating
    • structure
      • the rigid structure shows rigid life she has
      • enjambe shows her constant growth of fat


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