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  • Earthquakes
    • Causes of Earthquakes
      • Tectonics
        • Tension at divergent boundaries
          • Stretching of crust leads to plates slipping
        • Shearing at conservative boundaries
          • To plates sliding past each other building up friction
    • Prediction
      • Earthquake migration
        • Quake locations can be predicted by following the fault line
        • Successful predictions can be made to prevent casualites
      • Detectors
        • Radon gas in groundwater decreases
          • All usually come before a quake
            • Groundwater levels rise when ground swells
        • Groundwater levels rise when ground swells
        • Fore shocks measured carfeully
          • All usually come before a quake
        • Tsunami Warning System
          • Sensor measuring water pressure
          • Transmits a signal to the sirens on the beach
      • Hazards
        • Fires and Casualities
          • Burst gas pipes can easily set fire
          • Falling buildings can seriously injure people
        • Liquefaction
          • Ground water is brought to the surface
          • Usually on sand or soil where the solid is weak
        • Shaking
          • Weakens infrastructue
          • Causes most damage
        • Flooding
          • Tsunamis caused by earthquakes
      • Preparation
        • Infrastructure
          • Earthquake proof buildings with deep foundations
        • Warning System
          • Sirens on beaches to warn tourists of tsunamis
        • Education
          • Raising awareness
          • Educate people on what to do in an earthquake


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