Earthquake Case Study LEDC

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  • Earthquake Case Study LEDC
    • Secondary Impacts
      • diseases spread due to little clean water
      • winter conditions after quake caused more deaths
      • 3 million people made homeless
      • landslides buried people and buildings
        • blocked access to roads
    • Reasons for severity of impacts
      • badly constructed roads delayed arrival of help
      • people rescued by hand, not equipment
      • international aid eventually arrived
      • tents, blankets and medical help distributed to some areas
      • buildings weren't designed to withstand quake
    • Primary Impacts
      • entire villages and thousands of buildings destroyed
      • hundreds or thousands of people injured
      • water and electricity lines broken, cutting off supply
      • around 80000 deaths, collapsed buildings
    • Background Info
      • Kashmir, Pakistan
      • 8th October 2005
      • cause: movement along crack in plate at destructive margin
      • 7.6 on richter scale
      • around $5 billion in damage


Marry desuza


I was there when I was just 5 years old it was an horrific experience I lost my grandmother and my uncle in that....:(

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