Dystopian Tropes

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  • Dystopian Tropes
    • High Government control
      • 1984 = INGSOC
    • Fear
      • E.G 1984 = Big Brother and Thought police
      • E.G. HMT = Eyes and fear of each other as don't know who is an eye
    • Godlike figure
      • E.G Big Brother
    • Propaganda
      • Big Brother posters
    • State enemy
      • E.G 1984 = Emanuel Goldstien, 2 mins hate
    • disaster that's forced them into this situation
      • 1984 = second world war and nuclear destruction
    • citizen conformaty
      • 1984 = the diary description of two mins hate
      • The Handmaids conform as they know its the best way to survive and some do believe in this world
        • esp. The Aunts who teach the Handmaids what it means to be faithful and to be the perfect handmaid through the religious context
    • psychological and physical control
      • The threat of Room 101 is enough to make people conform
      • HMT = think you are in constant surveillance so learn to conform to survive
    • religious control
      • E.G HMT = is a theocracy which means laws are based on religious beliefs
    • Technological control
      • the telescreens are used as a way to control every movement of people
    • freedom is restricted
      • HMT = can only travel in pairs and cannot read if you are a woman


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