Dynastic Political Causes of Tudor Rebellions

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  • Dynastic Political Causes of Rebellion
    • Edward VI and Mary I
      • Edward's 1553 devise excluded Mary from succession in favour of LJG - prompting Northumberland's rebellion
        • Wyatt also did not want Mary to marry Phillip of Spain and did not want Elizabeth exc from throne - although rebels never explicitly wanted to otherthrow Mary
      • 1487 - Simnel pretends to be Earl of Warwick, prince (one of princes in tower) - his supporters thought they'd gain more if they killed Henry.
        • Simnel was politically ambitious and dissastisfied he wasn't given more than his Lieutenant of Ireland & royal counciller position
    • Elizabeth I
      • Northern Earls rebellion saught 'the preservation of the queen of scots as next heir' as her succession was in doubt given Elizabeth had no children.
    • Henry VII
      • Only Dynastic cause seen within the Pilgrimage of Grace, after his divorce with Catherine of Aragon.
        • Rebels wanted Cath's daughter Mary legitimised and restored to succession line. They also did not want the line of succession moving to Scottish blood, via sister Margaret.


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