Durkheim, Crime and Deviance

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  • Dukheim, Crime and Deviance
    • The Inevitability of Crime
      • Every society has crime
      • Crime is caused by
        • Not being socialised properly
        • diversity in modern society leading to Anomie
    • Based on value consensus
      • Need socialistion and socialcontrol to achieve this
    • The Positive Functions of Crime
      • Boundary Maintenance
        • Crime creates a reaction and unites members against wrongdoers
        • Punishment reaffirms shared values
      • Adaptation and Change
        • All change starts as deviance. As individuals need to challenge norms if not society will stagnate
      • Other functions of crime
        • Davis-Prostitution protects the monogamous nuclear family
        • Cohen- Indicates that a institution is malfunctioning
    • Criticism of Durkheim
      • Does not say how much crime is desirable
      • Ignores negative impact on victim
      • Strengthening solidarity does not explain why crime exists


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