the dumas

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  • dumas
    • 1st - april to june 1906
      • dissolved within 72 days by the tsar
      • social revs and Bolsheviks boycotted the election
      • wanted more reforms
      • had two resolutions
        • against capital punishment
        • famine relief
      • most elected were the Trudoviks who were supported by workers and peasants
    • Vyborg manifesto
      • duma deputies asked Russians to resist the tsar by not paying taxes. resulted in 200 deputies being banned from the next duma election
    • 2nd - February to june 1907
      • radical parties gained seats (social revs and social democrats)
      • passed land reforms
      • only lasted 3 months
      • criticised admin of the army
      • police framed member for trying to encourage mutinies
      • excuse for tsar to dissolve the duma
    • 3rd - November 1907 to june 1912
      • 'lords and lackleys'
      • stolypin used this to push more land reforms
      • stolypin was assassinated n 1911 and was replaced with Vladimir Kokovtsov
      • tsar supported the financial minister but excluded most reform supporters
    • 4th - November 1912 to august 1914
      • Vladimir Kokovtsov could not compete with the powerful factions that overpowered the government which led to the fourth duma being created


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