The Dumas (1906-1914) (SECTION2)

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  • The Dumas (1906-14)
    • 1st Duma (April-June1906)
      • Influence limited by Fundamental Laws
      • Bi-cameral
      • Dominated by reformists
      • Vyborg Fiasco
        • 200 Labourists and Kadets appealed to the people
        • Led to widespread violence and Kadets lost half their seats
      • Dissolved after 2 months
    • 2nd Duma (Februay-June 1907)
      • Kadet numbers 1/2
      • Seats filled by SR's and SD's
      • Continuous disagreements withing the Duma- too many extremists
      • Accusations of the SR's subversion in how the army was run
      • Tsar dissolved the Duma
    • 3rd Duma (Nov1907-June1912)
      • Right Wing majority muted any criticisms of the Duma
      • Stolypin cooperated well with this Duma
      • Effective work in social reform was done
    • 4th Duma (Nov1912-Aug1914)
      • Dominated by right wing again
      • Rubber stamps of gov policy
      • Guchlov claimed the new system had failed- dissolved when Russia enteredWWI




Really helpful mind map!! :D  But what's meant by "rubber stamps" for the 4th Duma?

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